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PD1000 Super Heavy Duty Automatic Stop / Pushing System Specs









The PD1000 allows quick and precise positioning of the heaviest loads. The double Auto-brake, located directly on the moving carrier, consists of two pneumatic clamp cylinders for maximum braking force. With its pneumatic retract and gauge arm lift, the PD1000 is designed for high productivity steel applications. The massive gauge arm comes optional with integrated stroke stop system to slow down and stop the driven conveyor. A/C moter driven conveyor systems allow a full automatic cutting process.

• Position controller with separate control stand
• Moving carrier with hardened double bearings and maintenace free   DC servomotor
• Steel guide with precision rack and pinion
• Backstop for multiple piece handling
• Pneumatic double Auto-brake system for maximum holding force
• Pneumatic retract with shock absoption

• Position controller with 3,000 line program memory and outputs for   full automatic operation
• Mounting bracket
• Left or right side mounting


PDF icon Data Sheet

Kentucky Gauge icon Kentucky Gauge

 Travel Speed   20in/sec, others available upon request  
 Repeat Accuracy   +/-0.004in (+/-0.1mm)      
 Encoder Accuracy   +/- 0.001in/ft (+/- 0.1mm/m)
 Total Length   measuring length + 24in
 Controller   LED / LCD
 PC Interface   RS232

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