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C59 • C60 • C58 Specs





Through hollow shaft up to Ø15mm.
Resolution up to 1024 pulses/rev.
Radial cable output.
Different fixing possibilities:
· C58: standard version with movable antirotation pin (M3 screw);
· C59: flexible fixing plate "xx59 style";· C60: compact fixing plate "xx60 style"

PDF icon Data Sheet

PDF icon User Manual


 Housing Diameter   58 mm

 Shaft Diameter

  14, 15 mm
 Cable Output   Yes
 Connector Output   -
 Resolution   5000 PPR max
 Counting Frequency   60 kHz
 Output Circuits   Push-Pull, Line Driver, Universal Circuit
 Operating Temperature   -40°C +100°C (-40°F +212°F)
 Protection   IP65

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