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AS58 • AS58S • ASC58 Specs




ASx58x Standard absolute single-turn encoder.
Resolution up to 16 bit (65535 counts/rev.).
Robust housing. Cable and connector output. 
· AS58: servo flange
· AS58S: clamp style flange
Blind hollow shaft up to Ø15mm.
Different fixing possibilities:
· ASC58: standard version with movable antirot. pin (M3 screw)
· ASC59: flexible fixing plate "xx59 style"
· ASC60: compact fixing plate "xx60 style"

PDF icon Data Sheet

PDF icon User Manual


 Housing Diameter   58 mm

 Shaft Diameter

  6, 8, 9.52, 10, 12, 14, 15 mm
 Cable Output   Yes
 Connector Output   Yes
 Resolution   16 Bit max
 Output Circuits   NPN, Push-Pull, SSI
 Operating Temperature   -40°C +100°C (-104°F +212°F)
 Protection   IP65

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