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DC300 Specs





The DC300 series is a high performance plug-in Programmable Limit Switch for Simatic® S7 300 PLC. Cam programs, parameter, actual value and speed can be read or programed via PLC. With Digitronic I/O modules up to 200 digital inputs and outputs can be realized.


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Series   DC300
PLC   Simatic® S7-300
CPU   Motorola Coldfire
Outputs   16 / 24
Inputs   8
Expansion Interface   max. 200 I/O`s
Encoder   SSI or Incremental
No. of programmable cams   1200 / 3700
Speed Compensation   100 µs - 10 sec.
No. of cam programs   max. 32768
PLC-Logic--Module   AND, OR, marker, timer, counter
Programming   via S7 PLC or Digisoft terminal   software
Outputing voltage   24V DC
Output current   500mA/short circuit protected
Temperature range   0° - 55° C (32° to 130°F)
Chassis   Einschub S7-300
Protection   IP 20

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