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Welcome to Hymark, your best source for Motion Control, Length Measuring, and Machine Tool Equipment. Through our exclusive partnerships with world-respected manufacturers including LIKA Electronic, Graessner, Digtronic, Hejm Automation, and HSB Automation, we're able to offer the full spectrum of measuring and motion control equipment. Hymark is also the manufacturer of the Kentucky Gauge line of Length Measuring Gauges and Fabricating Machine Tool Equipment.

Latest News

LIKA SMA2Lika's new SMA2 absolute linear encoder features true absolute and incremental tracks and is perfect for motion feedback applications and linear motors that require high-precision positioning and velocity control.

Graessner DYNA GEARCheck out Graessner's DYNAGEAR right angle servo gearboxes. With over 50 years of experience, MS-GRAESSNER offers innovative solutions in bevel gear technology suiting a wide range of industrial gearing applications.

LIKA 2013 Rotary Encoder CatalogLIKA releases a brand new rotary encoder catalog! The new catalog boasts more than 150 items with complete techincal specifications, pictures, mechanical drawings, schematics and a full list of accessories.

LIKA IP58-IP58S-CKP58LIKA introduces a new programmable incremental encoder. Utilizing state-of-the-art components, the IP58, IP58S and CKP58 encoders have a fully programmable resolution of 1 to 65536 PPR.

LIKA SFA Draw Wire UnitLika's SMA1 compact absolute magnetic sensor is ideal for feedback applications on linear motors. Featuring an integrated BiSS interface, the SMA1 boasts programmable resolutions up to 5μm and is unaffected by dust, debris and liquids.

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- Incremental Rotary Encoders

- Absolute Rotary Encoders

- Incremental Linear Encoders

- Absolute Linear Encoders

- Position Displays

- Positioning Units

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- DynaGear

- PowerGear

- DesignGear

- BevelGear

- KS TwinGear

- DynaGear Economy

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- Programmable Limit Switches

- Measuring Systems

- Terminals

- Displays

- Switching Accelerators

- Custom OEM Software

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- Position Controllers

- Position Displays

- Intelligent Motors

- Axis Modules

- Module Systems

- Custom OEM Products

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- Mechanical Linear Drives

- Ball Screw Actuators

- Belt Drive Actuators

- Compact Modules

- Linear Tables

- Handling Systems

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- Automatic Stops & Pushers

- Manual Stop Systems

- Length Measuring Machines

- Automatic Drilling Systems

- Automatic Ironworker Systems

- Automatic Sawing Systems

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